Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you

Last year I was the object of a community wide effort to “protect” my new friend and lover from me. Although she unambiguously said that she was not being harmed, no one listened to her. I was accused of being a pederast, a murderer, a rapist, a sex-trafficker, a drug dealer, of being mentally damaged... and on and on. These accusations culminated with my partner and I leaving town in secret after members of our community and her family broke into her house, along with an armed and off-duty member of law-enforcement. They intended, according to one person present that night, to hurt me in order to save my partner from herself and place her in a mental hospital.

Nothing specific was ever alleged. “Strong suspicions” and "icky feelings" were thrown around like facts. Our difference in age was cited as “proof” enough of my wrong doing. They did, however, offer some material evidence of my abhorrent moral character: my academic and artistic work.

As it became clear that members of our community were circulating my blog and Facebook pages as evidence of the threat I represented to my partner, I began tracking some of the activity on this blog. With the help of a friend I could track the IP addresses to specific cities where members of this community action team were organizing. This helped my partner and I predict when and how she would be subject to the organized gas-lighting efforts being wielded against her.

A couple of days ago I began noticing a similar pattern on the stats page of my blog. My friend has tracked the hits to a proxy-server in Russia. Of the more than 500 individual page views, approximately 80% are coming from this one server. Depending on why and how they're using a proxy-server, I probably won't be able to find much more information. But, I have a pretty clear idea of who is doing this and why; it's yet another case of misguided moralists hoping to further their own ends by painting me as monster. Good luck fuckers; the only thing you're likely to accomplish is hurting the people you purport to care about.

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