Thursday, December 8, 2011

(anti?) rape ad corrected

Just saw this "anti-rape" ad on my facebook feed. 

There's a lot to criticize here. This is pretty good start.

But it occurs to me that the ad is easily fixed (assuming you think it's okay to use a sexed-up image of an unconscious girl to combat rape...)

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  1. From the facebook page of those responsible for the ad (PA Liquor Control Board)

    "First, thank you for all the comments, emails and phone calls you shared with us in the last few days. Regardless of your point of view, positive or negative, we sincerely appreciate the feedback, and we recognize how heartfelt it was. We considered all of it when determining how to move forward with our “Call the Shots” campaign. Some of you have already noticed that we are removing the “date rape” scenario from the campaign. As we posted on Facebook yesterday, our intent with the “Call the Shots” campaign as a whole is to raise awareness about a significant, but too-seldom discussed health and public safety issue, binge drinking and the dangers associated with it. And unfortunately, the reality is sexual assaults and excessive consumption of alcohol are closely intertwined. From the very beginning of this campaign, it was important to us to address this issue, which is difficult to talk about, in hopes of giving people the tools to help keep their friends safe because friends are the last line of defense for someone who has had too much to drink. Obviously, for some, the "date rape" poster messaging brought about painful, unintended consequences. Our intent was certainly not to “blame the victim” or “let the perpetrator off the hook”. Only a rapist is to blame for rape. This poster was never intended to suggest otherwise. We are grateful for all the victim's advocates who said that hard-edged conversations such as this are exactly what we need but if the messaging is causing any pain for victims of sexual assault - than that is a bottom-line point for us. As for the campaign itself, we will continue with the rest of the messaging regarding alcohol poisoning, fighting, etc. Our hope moving forward is that the dialogue about the risks associated with consuming too much alcohol will continue because until people realize there's a problem, it's impossible to find a solution. Again, thank you for your input."